Life is Colorfull

Have we ever thought if in this world only has one color? Only black, only white, or only gray? Can be imagined will feel very boring. We should be grateful that this world was created full of colors. Flowers of various colors, trees of various colors, animals of various colors, even to the color of human hair were created in various colors.

Likewise with the journey of our lives. If we are unable or unwilling to give color in our life’s journey, then we will undergo it in monotone. It doesn’t need big, or fancy action. Quite a small step that is done with courage, has been able to provide a new color in our lives.

Indeed, in living the color life that we encounter sometimes it is not always bright. Sometimes gray, sometimes dark. But the dark color that we encounter will certainly give strength to continue to tread life. And when we encounter bright colors in life, we must not be complacent. Remain grateful for all the colors that are present in our lives.

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