How To Win At Craps – Four Strategies For Dominating The Game

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How To Win At Craps – Four Strategies For Dominating The Game

If you are learning to play craps, you need to learn a few craps strategy tips in order to win more money. You need to learn how to determine your individual entry points, how to increase your chance of winning, and how to determine when to stop when you have already maximized your potential for money in the pot. When you consider that there are 8 people in a pot of 16, the chances of all of those people hitting the board at once are slim. Therefore it is important that you have a strategy that can help you win more than you lose.

The first craps strategy tip that you should consider is that you need to know your individual entry points. The pass line is an excellent starting point to any craps strategy as far as it has a low house edge at only 1.041 percent. It is even better if you use the free odds, where the house edges on your bets decrease each time you bet, down to a zero each time you bet. With these odds, you stand a much better chance of hitting more than you miss. This also allows you to maximize your potential for craps winnings.

Another craps strategy tip revolves around understanding the importance of knowing your “tells”. These are the things or conditions in which you will either win or lose the amount of money that you are betting. Most people refer to these as the “dark side”. Well the truth is that these are not always bad, in fact some of the best players in the world often use these conditions to their advantage. Knowing what the odds are for you to beat a certain bet, and knowing how to effectively execute this plan all depends on your ability to read the cards.

The fourth craps strategy tip is to place a bet on the long shots. As the name implies, these are the biggest stakes in craps. Playing these longs takes a lot of skill. That is why most long shots only get two out of four bets in most tournaments. This is good because it forces the other players to either bet high to try and win the bet, or else they have to place a bet that is extremely high to cover the risk of not winning.

The fifth craps strategy tip involves the use of the three of diamonds. This is perhaps the most basic craps strategy, but if you are serious about winning then you need to master this. This means knowing when to fold, and when to raise. Most craps players tend to fold on the first two bets when they have no chance of winning on the third, so this rule will usually make them raise the bets that they have a slight chance of winning.

The last of the craps strategy tips that will help you win is called the press strategy. This means you should never bet when you do not have a strong hand, but this also means that you should stay away from playing the flop. When you are holding a good hand, then it is usually better for you to put money on the flop than to put it on the turn. If you have an excellent press strategy, then you can sometimes make these two bets, wait for the opponents to show weakness, and then hit a huge craze. If done correctly, this could lead to you winning eight out of ten games.