This world is full of color. color is always an inseparable part of our lives. When we were little, we loved coloring pictures using various colors using the colored pencils we had. The more colors used, the more happy we see it. The experience of color is often personal and rooted in events that are experienced by themselves or the culture of the surrounding environment.

Almost every color has a kind of effect on us. Even white can also affect us. People get a sense of peace and fluency in thinking and living by seeing the color white. So, enjoy these colors as you go about and enjoy your life. Color is more than just an attraction or an expression of someone’s expression.

Color can also be a nonverbal communication that can reveal messages instantly and more meaningfully. More than just a joy, it turns out there are certain reasons someone likes color Color can attract attention, build atmosphere, and can even affect our emotions. Color can create harmony in life. With color we can create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

So, what color is your favorite?

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